The best travel credit card

best credt card

People who are always on the move due to the nature of their businesses or just for leisure usually make use of travel cards while they are traveling. There are lots of benefits of having travel credit cards one of them being you do not have to carry large amounts of money as you travel. If you travel frequently, then you know that a travel credit card is a must have item. If you are shopping for a credit card, it’s important to pay keen detail to the bonuses and any other types of rewards that can easily make you lose focus. With the best travel credit card, you get to always reap the benefits of some exceptional rewards such as access to free flights and nights at exclusive hotels.
The Chase Sapphire Preferred is the best travel credit card a regular traveler should have anytime. It has the best sign up bonuses and excellent rewards for dining and travel. It has different ways of redeeming points and you can as well transfer an equal value of points to several partners. With the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, a card holder can get 2times points for every 1 point per dollar spent.

After spending $4,000 on the Chase Sapphire Preferred in the first three months, a cardholder can earn 40,000 bonus points. This is a great way to start a frequent traveler off and it comes with reasonable annual charges. For the first year, the introductory fee is $0, then afterwards $95 annually.
This means that if you were thinking of booking a flight that is was $500, then you can use the 40,000 points which is about $400 to put it towards the flight. If you booked your travels through Chase’s tool, you can redeem your points at 25% more. So this is to mean that the $500 flight may be free.
The ease of transferring points to chase airline and hotel partners is also another great reason why you should get yourself Chase Sapphire Preferred which is the best travel credit card in the industry. The points can be transferred on a 1:1 basis to major travel programs such as United at same value. This means that 1,000 ultimate rewards points are equal to 1,000 partner points.

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For international travelers, this travel credit card does not charge any foreign transaction fees and it’s a chip enabled technology card for international travels. However, it’s ready for the EMV technology change in the US due in October. A lot of traders have switched to this technology. Chase Sapphire Preferred has a 24/7 customer service team that is always ready to assist clients make the best use of their cards.
What are the best ways of using the card?
• Best for everyday purchases
• Best for use while traveling and dining to get 2 points per dollar
• Best for booking travel via the Chase Ultimate Rewards and earn 20% off your travel expenses.
If you want the best travel credit card in the industry with an exceptional point bonus rewards, then look no further.