Old navy visa card

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Old Navy is a well-known clothing retailer and this is managed and owned by the American Multinational Corporation also called Gap Incorporation. This Organization was founded in 1994 with its headquarters in San Francisco and a total of 1,020 branches nationwide in the United States. The largest store Old Navy has is located in different states such as New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago. The brand name had been managed by Mr. Millard Drexler, who made and changed the image of the company into a world class brand name.
How to get a credit card of Old navy:
Credit cards of the old navy are attaining popularity day by day among the shoppers. Old navy is offering two types of cards to the consumers and they are-Visa card as well as Old navy charge card. The main perspective of this article is to focus on the important aspects of the visa cards as well as Old navy charge card. But an individual may require getting approval in order to qualify for the cards. If your previous credit history is poor then you will hardly get the chance of having a credit card from Old navy.

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Benefits of the Old navy visa cards:
Old navy Visa card are offering multiple benefits. Old navy visa card is offering the scope of earning rewards points on everyday purchase. A person may make a purchase at the store of Old navy as well as its affiliates such as GAP as well as banana republic. There are also discounts for the card holders. Old navy is offering the opportunity of earning 5 reward points on $1 consumption and 1 reward points on elsewhere purchase. Thus a person may keep earning rewards on his purchase of products at the stores of Old navy.
Shopping with the Old navy visa card is a nice experience. Most of the people prefer using the via card of Old navy especially when they are shopping with their family members. Authority of the Old navy notifies the card holders on their special sales as well as discounts. An individual may easily earn one reward points on his $1 spent elsewhere. When he collects 500 reward points, he may earn $5 reward card. He may also earn around 500 reward points. An individual may earn maximum 2000 bonus points.

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Old navy visa card holders are also offered the opportunity of getting the notification of their new sale-events as well as discounts. A person may also get access to his accounts 24 hours through online. He may also get exclusive offers as well as promotions. There is around 10% off in the old navy, GAP as well as pipeline, on every Tuesday. A person may also get the scope of enjoying some special birthday savings. Grace period is twenty three days and maximum late fee is determined $35. They also offer the opportunity of credit card security program in case of unforeseen incidents like loss of life, hospitalization, unemployment as well as disability.