Managing American Express credit cards

AME card

American express is one of the reliable as well as reputed names in the era of credit cards. They are also efficient as well as worthy enough to meet the demands of consumers. However, American Express offers a wide range of Credit Cards. Three popular American Express Credit Cards include- Blue Cash Everyday Card, Amex Everyday Credit Card and Platinum Card etc. Short descriptions of those cards are provided hereunder:
Blue Cash Everyday Card:
Blue Cash Everyday Card is preferred by all and it is going to offer unparalleled rewards for you. Its annual fee is $75 and if you spend $1000 you will get $150 back for the first three months. Cash back is received in the form of Reward Dollars which can be redeemed quite easily. You may also earn a 2% reward which depends on your gasoline purchases. Departmental stores will reward you 2% but you will get 1 % for other purchases. When you get the ownership of 25 reward-dollars, you may redeem for the merchandise, gift cards as well as statement cards and it is equal to the 25 dollar statement card.

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Amex Everyday Credit Card:
If a person is looking for reward points on his everyday spending, he may move for the Amex Everyday Credit Card. In Amex Everyday Credit Card, if you spend $1000 in the first three months, you’ll earn 10,000 membership points. You can use membership reward -points for booking your flights, cruise or hotels. There is no need of annual free for the Amex Everyday Credit Card.
Platinum Card from American Express:
Platinum Card from American Express requires 0$ annual fee and you may earn 10,000 membership points on spending $1000 in the first three months. There is also the Platinum Card Concierge service which can be used for getting the opportunities of reservations, travel, gifts etc. In this case, if you spend $3000, you’ll earn 40,000 membership points as reward. There are many other opportunities of earning membership points which depend upon your shopping as well as spending. If you can spend more, than you will be capable of earning more points. You may use these points for booking hotels, vacations as well as many other purposes. There are also many other cards offered by the American express. American Express is ranked the top position among the top 10 credit card issuers for customer’s satisfaction. They are also committed to serve the customers with their 24 hours services.

Besides good customer service, American Express cards offer additional benefits such as extended warranty, purchase, travel accident insurance as well as return protection. Each card comes with a variety of services which will provide you comfort, when you are traveling or shopping. Manage your identity and account information for the further advancement of your daily life. However, American Express Credit Cards are able to fulfill your requirements. So get an American Express Credit Card, use it and discover an array of attractive benefits in key destinations worldwide.