Ikano Bank is one of four business areas in the Ikano Group that is owned by the Swedish Kamprad family through Ikano SA, Luxembourg. Originally the Ikano Group was part of IKEA (founded by Ingvar Kamprad) but it was spun off as an independent group in 1988. Ikano Bank was founded in 1995 and is predominantly known as a consumer bank but it also offers various products to corporate clients. Geographically Ikano Bank is represented in six countries but with the by far largest operation in Sweden (76% of total business volume in 2013) followed by the UK, Denmark and Norway. The bank does not have any physical branches but distributes its products through its website or its business partners. The foreign units operate as branches of the Swedish parent company, which means that they are under supervision of the Swedish Financial Authorities.

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Permanent discounts with Ikano Visa
With Ikano Visa, you do not ask for discounts when shopping – you always have regular discounts in your card. 1% discount at gas stations, food and groceries.
2% discount on every Shell gas stations in Norway and 10% if you are rental cars.
All you need to do to get the discount is to pay with your Ikano Visa card.

The discount is valid per purchase and will appear on your personal page on your account.
The maximum discount given per calendar year is 5000 kr.

1% discount on gas stations

With Ikano Visa you get 1% fixed discount on anything you buy at all petrol stations affiliated with Visa. This applies both in Norway and abroad.

1% discount on food and groceries
As Ikano Visa customer, you get 1% fixed discount on everything you buy in the food and grocery stores affiliated with Visa. This applies both in Norway and abroad.

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2% discount at Shell stations
You get 2% fixed discount on anything you buy at all Shell stations in Norway when you pay with your Ikano Visa. The discount applies to everything, whether it’s fuel, washer fluid or other.
*You can not combine the fixed gas station discount of 1% with the discount at Shell.

10% discount on car rentals at
With Ikano Visa you always get a 10% discount when you rent a car at
When you rent a car from you are secure their well-equipped vehicles of the highest quality. offer car rental in over 180 countries and is one of the leading car rental brokers.

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New discounts every month
As Ikano Visa are receiving monthly discounts at all merchants affiliated with a particular industry, while merchants are affiliated Visa. This applies in Norway and abroad. Below is an overview of industries and months you get discount.

July                3% Travelling abroad
August         10% Health
September    5% Home & Garden
October         6% Cars
November     5% Electronic
December     4% Food and groceries

*Interest example: Eff. interest 20,43 %, 15 000 kr o/12 mnd. Total 16 596 kr.