HBSC advance credit card

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The HBSC advance credit card is accepted all over the world. According to an estimate, it is accepted in more than 32 million organizations worldwide. It offers its customer’s competitive monthly interest rate. The HBSC advance credit card uses microchip technology, which enables higher security and faster transaction. It offers its customers various facilities like no annual membership fee is charged over it. Similarly, you can take 50% of your available credit limit in the form of an advance. It also offers special saving to its new customers in the form of cost saving over the transactions made from any bank account to HBSC advance credit card account; o% interest rate is charged on all such transactions for first six months. HBSC charge monthly interest rate of less than 3% on all retail purchases.
You can use your HBSC advance credit card to avail rewards and benefits like, discounted cinema tickets in UAE, the chance to earn free air mile from its Air miles reward program and free supplementary cards for your family. The HBSC advance credit card can be availed quite easily, what you have to do is open an HBSC advance account. During the account opening process you can apply for the HBSC advance credit card. Application for account opening may be processed very quickly and it could take even less than 30 minutes to get approval. You will need to submit a few documents for opening your account like dully filled and signed application form, your national ID, original passport, resident visa, salary transfer letter from your employer/salary certificate and bank statement where your salary is deposited. After verifying these documents you will be notified about your account.

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If you have got approval you are eligible to avail HBSC world class services and benefits. HBSC aims to make your time precious and it is also offering the facility of spending time with your life with 2x rewards program point on selected purchases and dining occasions. HBSC charges no foreign transaction fee so that you can save money on purchases worldwide. HBSC offers special package to its new customers by giving them a chance to earn 15000 bonus points by spending $1500 or more in three months from account opening date. You can earn one credit point on all your retail purchases via your HBSC advance credit card and you are also given the chance to earn two credit points on expenses incurred in respect of selected dining and entertainment purchases.
HBSC also limits your liability in case you lost your credit card and if you inform HBSC about this, you will not be held liable for its unauthorized use. Similarly, it offers $500,000 accident insurance to its valuable customers. The HBSC advance credit card contains encrypted microchip which is almost impossible to duplicate. As a result, you may ensure safeguard for your money and you can make transaction without any hassle. Similarly, this microchip has enabled technology helps for ensuring worldwide purchases as this card is accepted in more than 80 countries and at more than 23 million sale points. HBSC has attained huge success because of its competitive interest rates and reward programs mentioned above.