The exclusive amex black card

American Express Centurion Card, also known as the Amex Black Card is the myth become real in the world of filthy rich people and exclusive club memberships. American Express capitalized on the rumors circulating that the elitist of the elite members held a “Black Card” enabling them to buy anything, literally anything with it. And the reality is not far from the myth. People have been known to buy a $36 million collector’s item from the Amex Black Card, a Bentley worth $300,000 and a private jet worth $52 million, up till now the biggest single purchase from the card!

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But what is really the charm in this card that people are willing to pay initiation fees worth $7500 and an annual fee to the tune of $2500! Well, sorry to pop your eyes out, but you can’t just apply for an Amex Black Card. You get an invitation. Yes you heard it right. Rumors have it that if you are guzzling $250,000 per year and have a net worth above a certain level ($16.3 million, if the talk on the forums is right) then you will get an invitation to join this elite club of American Express.

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While talk of private airport lounge access, priority hotel bookings and free complimentary companion tickets in selected airlines is bound to bore you, wait till you hear the personal concierge service that the Amex is offering its Black Card holders. You will be wishing- you never work for a concierge company like Circles, when its employees have to scoop up sand from the Dead Sea for the school project for the school project of a Black Card holder’s son.
As if that were not enough, you can also gain entry into the Gulf stream Aerospace Private Flyers Club, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold, US Airways Platinum Preferred and Delta Sky Platinum Medallion Club which are among the most exclusive clubs of the world. If you are feeling up to a top end car for shaking away the day’s weariness you can always head to the Avis Rent-a-Car President Club, show your anodized titanium Amex Black Card and drive away in the sunset. While initially this card warranted travel insurance on all trips whether paid by this card or not, the recent financial crunch has reduced the accidental travel insurance to just trips paid for by this card.

Black Cards Visa

Black Cards Visa

The perks also include privileged service in premium hotel chains like Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton and Aman Resorts are among just some of the many secretive benefits you can enjoy with the Amex Black Card. The decision will not be a bad one then, if you are thinking of spending your way into this exclusive group of card holders. The discounts offered on various luxury brands and the premium car rentals are well and good, but if you can just swipe your card and pay for the$100,000 bill of refuelling your yacht at the Hawaiian Islands then in my opinion there is no card with better perks!