Is the centurion card worth it?

When you hear about the centurion card you think expensive, high interest rates and beyond reach. Build around mythical rumors the centurion card conjured images of fabulously wealthy people. Prior to 1999 the card was mythical rumor with most people labeling it as the ultra exclusive black card for elite customers. The American bank express decided to capitalize on this idea branding the centurion card as the most exclusive credit card in America.

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How to get the centurion card
Unlike other credit cards where the application process can be done online, the centurion card is by invitation. To be eligible for the card you must:-
• Be using other American express cards
• Be an active member for at least one year
• And charge not less than $250,000 per year.
The centurion card is a credit card but it is not charged any interest, rather it is a charge card and the cost must be paid in full. For starters the initiation fee will cost you about $7,500 and annual fee of $2500 which is paid after you receive an invitation to apply.

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Is the centurion card worth it?
With such hefty fees levied against the card, your next question would be if the card is worth it. There are numerous benefits that come with owning or applying for a centurion card. Members with the centurion card enjoy membership rewards that can be redeemed through gift cards, travel and even shopping. Centurion card owners enjoy the transfer feature allowing them to transfer points to frequent flyer miles. Other benefits include airport club access program, unlimited priority pass select membership, annual $200 airline reimbursement and the fine hotels and resorts programs.

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The centurion card is the only card that will help you achieve airline elite status quicker. Centurion card owners enjoy the benefits of holding the black card with complimentary services from hotels to airports. Compared to platinum credit card the centurion card allows you to enjoy even finer things in the world. If you fly a lot the centurion card will give you access to exclusive hotels. A centurion card places you at the top tier as an elite member of the American express bank. Because of its prestige the centurion card is made of platinum and it’s actually heavier than other cards.
There is no doubt that the centurion card is made for the elite customers with impeccable credit score and credit report. If your net worth is in the tune of millions then you are eligible for the centurion card. American express bank is not clear about the requirements to acquire one but one thing is for sure it is made for the fabulously wealthy. Other cards that can be closely associated with the centurion is the platinum card. But the prestigious benefits for centurion card owners make it the ultimate card to own. If you have all the requirements needed to get this card then wait for an invitation and get to enjoy the benefits of the card.