Advantages of REI visa cards


REI stands for Recreational Equipment Inc. and it is a private retail corporation in America which is organized as sporting goods, consumer operatives, selling the outdoor recreation gear as well as clothing via around 135 retail-stores in thirty two states, internet as well as catalogue. This organization opens 4-6 stores every year. In the year of 2013, REI sales could exceed $2 billion. REI was founded by Lioyd as well as Marry Anderson in Washington in they year of 1938.
Membership benefits:
When an individual joins at REI at $20 fee, he is offered the lifetime benefits. All the members of REI are offered the benefit of enjoying annual refund. REI also offer 5% back on the REI purchase and 1% back one elsewhere purchase. And it is top on anyone’s annual member refund. Trips as well as REI adventures are also being offered at the member pricing. So, if a person prefers travelling, he may knock the door of REI. If you are a cyclist, then REI is also offering an opportunity to you. REI is offering Bike-shop services like tune ups as well as repairs at a discount price. Skiers as well as snowboarders are also offered the opportunity of enjoying discount on the shop services like waxing as well as tuning. Members of REI are also offered the scope of receiving the discount-coupons as well as bonus cards. They may also enjoy savings on the returned as well as gently-used merchandise. As the member of Co-Op, one may elect the Board of directors of REI, each year.

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Benefits of Visa card of REI:
1. REI visa card is offering 5% cash back on the sales of REI merchandise.
2. REI is also offering gift cards as well as adventurous trips.
3. REI visa cards are also offering 1% cash back on elsewhere purchase including the monthly bills during the period of payment through the REI visa cards.
4. All these are on the top of anyone’s Member refund of REI( 10% on the eligible purchase on REI stores)
5. REI charges no annual fees from its consumers.
6. Visa cards of REI gives back to outdoors: Funds are donated by the U. S. banks on behalf of the Visa card members of REI to the organizations which give back to outdoors.

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Exclusive benefits:
1. Visa-signature concierge:
REI is offering the scope of having 24 hours access on the Visa-signature concierge. REI is also offering the assistance of reserving the lift tickets as well as arranging the Kayak rentals.
2. Entertainment:
Visa cards of REI are offering preferred seating as well as advance tickets at the music, theatre as well as film events. One may enjoy 10% savings on purchasing a ticket on the
3. Sports:
Visa cards of REI are also offering the opportunity of enjoying different sporting events like Super bowl, golf, base ball etc.
4. Travel and shopping:
Attractive travel packages as well as shopping are also offered by the visa card of REI. Anyone may enjoy savings in his purchase of sporting goods as well as electronics.