The Exclusive and the Super Expensive Amex Black Card

This card is known as Amex Black Card. It is easily to find credit card for people when they already fulfilled the application requirement. Moreover, the offer of credit card whether typical cash back or not is amazingly increased and they try so hard to be a part of people collection. However, there is a credit card which not any people can have it. This typical credit card is so exclusive and demand extra fee for the owner. But, how matter expensive the money that is spent to this card, the waiting list for this card is also increased each year.

Amex Black Card Image

This Amex Black Card is officially known as Centurion card which not easy to see in public and when it happens you will gazing at it. Unlike other credit card which stalks us in every step we take, this kind of card is not. But, many of the rich people want to have this card to increase their prestige but only few people can have it. Before today, American Express has strict rules about inviting person which have certain qualification. However, in this present time you can ask whether you can have this typical card or not. But one thing for sure, you need to prepare more than much money. To be the member of this exclusive credit card you need to hold any American Express credit card. Then, you have to spend about $250,000 minimum in a year. After that you can request this kind of black card to American Express.

When they approved your request toward Amex Black Card, the other things you should do are; one, you need to pay about $5000 in front. Two, you have to pay annual fee approximately $2,500 for your first card and about $1500 for each additional card. However, the fee will be higher depends on what year you request for this card. It means the cost will be different when you apply to black card in 2014 compared to apply this black card in two years after that. Beside it expensive fee this black card also comes with series beneficial things. You can easily ask what you want because by holding this black card they automatically personalized the service to you. American Express provides you two types assistant like travel and personal. Then, when it comes to air travel (in particular air travel) you will find out that this card can magically upgrade your ticket status (with particular conditions).

It means when you buy economic ticket for example they can upgrade it to business. The next beneficial things you can achieve are included entertainment, retail, land and cruise vacation benefit and more. Basically, this black card is simply simpler the cardholder life and bring them to the next level. Since, the cardholder will always serve with premium services in eligible places. It feels as if the world is the cardholder hand. Lastly, having this black card is an expensive lifestyle choice but behind of that expensive thing you also gain first class service benefit which you never find in others but Amex Black Card.

Amex Black Card and Amex Gold Card

Amex Black Card